6/15 Precita Park Shooting Meeting hosted by Precita Valley Neighbors and Charlie’s Cafe

Lt. Kevin Knoble, Acting Captain, came to address the Precita 6/12. Shooting, in which 30 rounds were fired, two cars were damaged along the Park, and no one was shot. The event was two cars down Alabama firing at eachother, one drove away along the wrong way on Precita. There we about 75 neighbors who attended the meeting.

Lt. Knoble said this event is unrelated to the 24th/Treat St. 6/9 shooting. While the investigation is still underway, it may be “random” in that it was a freeway incident or an incident arising from another area in the Southeast Ingleside. The Ingleside, as most neighbors know, is the largest precinct in the city, see link here https://www.sanfranciscopolice.org/stations/ingleside-station. He stated, as we all know, that the police force is at half capacity, with very few new recruits coming in overall (9 new graduates from the SF Police Academy for all of SF), and probably many more retiring at the end of their year which is 6/30/2023. So there will be a shift of captains and staff throughout SF, and it is likely we will continue to see new captains and acting captains for quite sometime. The police are very well trained and work very hard, and we appreciate all their service to our community.

The main takeway regarding the shooting:
1. Random, may be related to freeway recognition of both cars as gangs opposing eachother who carried the conflict off the freeway, down Alabama/Precita where the 30 shots were fired, the one of the cars drove off the wrong way on Precita.
2. Tips from Lt. Knoble: know they SFPD is working very hard who operate at half capacity currently with no foreseeable increase in staff, SFPD is working with federal agencies and Bay Area PDs to cross investigate and identify suspects, and that we live in a safe neighborhood. Regarding an active shooting, we should get down, and then call 911. He suggested we point home security cameras to the street, and to network those cameras with SFPD through their partnership with SF Safe which is a neighborhood safety organizing non profit, whose link is found here https://sfsafe.org. He suggested we cover our cars since auto thieves do not bother to steal catalytic converters with covers.
3. Supervisor Ronen’s Staff Jennifer Ferrigno and Santiago Lerma arrived from another meeting, and reported how we as a community can report community mental health issues which are not 911. Supervisor Ronen’s office has helped put together a specific communication list for neighbors to request support from the Street Teams homeless support. When calling 311 you can identify the issue you experience as: Street Teams: Crisis Support whose link is here https://sf.gov/information/street-response-teams. Please put this list so you have it handy.
4. Sup. Ronen’s staff will help find funding for the Alabama Street Traffic Calming Application which includes speed mitigation items such as speed cushions and/or speed bumps. Their support is integral to the Alabama Street neighbors who have put together and their application by the July 1st deadline whose link is found here https://www.sfmta.com/getting-around/walk/residential-traffic-calming-program.
5. We will meet with SFPD and Sup. Ronen’s office in another two weeks to follow up on the 6/14 Precita Shooting.

Community Takeaway after the Meeting: We appreciate the SFPD service, but we felt the information provided was pretty general and not specific, that we need to continue to meet with SFPD and Sup. Ronen’s office to keep our service representative accountable, that we congregate more often in the early evenings in Precita Park and go as groups to walk to nearby shopping and recreation areas. Together we meet, we keep our neighborhood safe, and most importantly, we keep our services representatives (SFPD and Supervisors) accountable.

If you’d like to sign up for emails from Precita Valley Neighbors, the SF Parks Alliance group that provides volunteer clean ups and arts work in Precita Park and the Children’s Playground the link is here: https://precitavalleysf.org