Precita Valley Neighbors, your San Francisco Parks Alliance group that maintains and enhances the diversity of Precita Park and the Childrens’ Playground is excited to announce our nomination for a Community Challenge Grant! Neighbors have called to recreate our diverse heritage in Precita Park.
To that end, Precita Eyes Muralists is partnering with Precita Valley Neighbors to coordinate a Community Design and Installation of a Butterfly Mosaic on the Childrens’ Playground retaining wall. The retaining wall is a beige wall near the picnic tables in the Children’s Playground. Precita Park Butterfly Mosaic Community Design will be coordinated by Precita Eyes Muralists in the fall, and mosaic tile installation will be in the winter. Please watch this space to sign up for Community Mural Design & Installation.
Community Challenge Grants require we raise funds necessary for our professional artists who will coordinate this project. Our Precita Park Butterfly Mosaic Campaign has a goal of $5,000.
Let’s raise the funds and our artistic heritage in Precita Park!
You can donate using the “Donate” tab on our website at
OR directly at the San Francisco Parks Alliance at…/
Thank you! We can do this together!